About us

We are a fan run site acting as a catalog for Emmy the Robot fanart. Even though we are called Nanbooru, any Emmy the Robot related content (characters, OCs) is allowed. Feel free to reach out to JumboG or Neppy with any questions.

Quick rules

1. All content must be SFW. Images with a pornographic/fetish intent or connotation are not allowed. This applies for intense violence.
2. Content should be mostly unique and need to display an amatuer grasp of artistic principles. No poorly drawn content.
3. No unedited patreon or webtoons content is to be uploaded. Patreon content should be rarely uploaded. Content should be more than minimally edited.
4. Adhere to the Do Not Post (DNP) artist list.
5. Do not be disruptive to other users or site operation.
6. All rules are enforceable by mod discretion.


1. We are all fans of Emmy the Robot and strive to adhere to a similar standard of content as the comic itself. Nothing pornographic, fetish, overly violent, or in otherwise 'poor taste'. On-model Nandroid nudity is acceptable.

2. All art is subjective but this is not meant to be a repository of meme edits and quick shitposts. If care and time was taken to create an art piece, it should be fine to upload, memes included.

3. This website is meant to act as a hub for fan content, not the official comic. If a comic panel has been sufficiently edited from it's original look it can be uploaded. Older or obscure works made by Dom that aren't hosted on his Patreon may be uploaded as well.

4. While an artist's permission is not required for uploading their work, if an artist requests that their artwork not be hosted here then we will oblige. Please check the Do Not Post (DNP) list for the full list of artists to not post.

5. Standard internet etiquette applies. Adding bad tags, uploading unwanted content, or otherwise wasting mod time is not allowed.

6: We are a group of fans trying to promote Emmy the Robot in a positive way, we'll encounter gray areas as from time to time. If in doubt, message a mod for clarity.